Dropson antiscaling system: keep your house protected against limescale

Instalación residencial antical Dropson
Get acquainted with the advantages and benefits of Dropson’s residential installation antiscaling technology, following the ten points presented in this infographic.

1. Electronic water softener: new generation anti-scale system

The Dropson antiscaling systems are easily installed on the cold water mains, right after the pressure sets. Our system’s efficiency is noticeable immediately after installing, protecting the installation against limescale. Neither salt addition nor any kind of maintenance is required.

Dropson antiscaling systems are environmentally friendly, as they do not produce reject water, nor pollution of any kind y their energy consumption is negligible, equivalent to that of an energy efficient light bulb.

2. The importance of a sediment filter

The installation of a sediment filter in front of the Dropson water treatment system is compulsory. The filter avoids silicon and other particles suspended in the water from infiltrating the installation and blocking certain sectors of the installation.

Fragmento instalación residencial, puntos 1 y 2

3. Energy savings

Dropson antiscaling systems ensure energy savings, as they achieve optimal conditions of heat exchange between the primary and secondary circuits, avoiding limescale incrustation.

We would like to remind you that limescale is a potent thermal insulator that causes the increase of energy consumption in the household. A mere 3mm of limescale between the heating elements and the water flow may derive in a 30% increase in energy consumption.

Fragmento instalación residencial, punto 3

4. Maximum performance

Dropson guarantees the maximum continuous performance of the exchangers, impeding limescale incrustation and promoting energy savings in the long term. It avoids dismantling, inconvenient maintenance and production stoppages.

5. Protect your investment

Dropson antiscaling systems extend the life of your installations, Dropson does not waste water nor does it require any kind of salt addition. Salt is a source of accelerated corrosion in the installation.

Fragmento instalación residencial, puntos 4 y 5


6. Correct maintenance of the household appliances

Dropson protects the heating elements of the household appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, against limescale as well as hot water circuits and pipes, allowing absolute care and maintenance of the entire installation.

7. Faucet preservation

The treatment carried out by the Dropson antiscaling systems guarantees the correct operation of faucets, shower heads, atomisers and water outlets. Avoiding limescale incrustation, the mechanisms do not obstruct and maintain their proper operation.

Existing limescale deposits in the installation will progressively dissolve and exit the installation through drains and faucets.

Fragmento instalación residencial, puntos 6 y 7


8. Optimal irrigation in gardens

The Dropson water treatment systems are specially suited for garden irrigation, as the chemical composition of the water is not altered and therefore the sodium levels remain unchanged. Unlike traditional water softeners, that maintain high levels of sodium that is harmful for irrigation.

Water treated with our antiscaling system is better absorbed by plants and allows a better development of the flora.

9. Uniform irrigation guaranteed

The Dropson antiscaling systems ensure irrigation uniformity. They prevent limescale incrustation and flowrate decrease in nozzles and sprinklers, extending the life of the sprinkler systems and solenoid valves.

The amount of water scheduled for each sector remains unchanged.

Fragmento instalación residencial, puntos 8 y 9


10. SHW Certificate

Dropson has a health conformity certificate (SHW), approved by the French Ministry of Health.

The physical treatment with EMI technology developed by Dropson does not alter water potability. Its treatment cell is cast in stainless steel 316L (food grade), therefore conserving the water’s original composition and is suitable for human consumption.

Fragmento instalación residencial, punto 10