Orduña´s retirement home relies on Dropson technology

Recently, the Orduña´s retirement home in Vizcaya, has replaced its entire internal drinking water supply network, cold and hot, with a completely new network.

The building, with more than three centuries old, is now used as a residence for the elderly. It has an area of 2.163 m² and 31 rooms.

When the project for the reform of the drinking water pipe network was drawn up, the quality of the water in the city of Orduña was taken into account, so from the outset it was necessary to install a system capable of neutralising the lime in the water without any chemically modifications.

Dropson technology crystallizes the lime molecule so that it does not settle inside the pipes and promotes the proliferation of Legionnaire’s disease.

Dropson anti-scale systems also guarantee that the quality and chemical composition of the water is not altered, maintaining all its original properties.

For this reason, Dropson technology has been relied upon and an EMI 8000 system has been installed at the water inlet to the building.