Protect your professional installation with the Dropson antiscaling system

Instalación profesional Dropson

Get acquainted with the advantages and benefits of Dropson’s professional installation antiscaling technology, following the ten points presented in this infographic.

1. Antiscaling system

The Dropson antiscaling systems are easily installed on the cold water mains, right after the pressure sets. Our system’s efficiency is noticeable immediately after installing, protecting the installation against limescale.

Dropson guarantees the durability of your installations and collectors, as it doesn’t use salt like traditional water softeners, source of accelerated corrosion of the installation.

2. Sediment filter installation

The installation of a sediment filter in front of the Dropson water treatment system is required. Once installed, we will avoid silicon and other particles suspended in the water infiltrating the installation.

These particles may block certain parts of the installation and damage the recirculators of the recycling circuits.

3. No additional maintenance required

The Dropson antiscaling system does not require any kind of maintenance, does not require salt addition and does not waste water. It is environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t produce any kind of waste or pollution and its energy consumption is negligible, equivalent to an energy-efficient light bulb.

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4. Restricts sanitary risks

The Dropson antiscaling systems prevent calcareous incrustation and dissolves existing limescale deposits. This reduction in the limescale deposits has a direct impact in Legionnaire’s disease prevention, as it progressively reduces its biotype.

Traditional water softeners require thorough monitoring and a periodic disinfection of the resin tanks to avoid bacteria proliferation.

Dropson does not use any kind of resin nor does it require sanitary check ups. Furthermore, its treatment cell is cast in stainless steel 316L, in accordance with public health codes.

5. Maximum performance and energy savings

The Dropson antiscaling system assures continuous optimal performance of the heat exchangers, avoiding limescale incrustation in the installation, allowing energy savings in the long term.

Dropson averts dismantling, unforeseen maintenance and production interruption caused by excessive accumulation of limescale.

6. Primary and secondary circuits protected

The Dropson antiscaling systems do not act directly upon the boiler’s primary circuit, but has a direct influence on energy consumption, ensuring the ideal conditions for heat exchange between the primary and secondary circuits.

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7. Avoiding flowrate reduction

Excess of limescale in the installation may lead to production interruption and expensive dismantling of the affected parts. The Dropson antiscaling systems prevent incrustation and maintain the calibrated waterflow of showers and faucets, ensuring customer satisfaction.

8. Extends the lifespan of the mechanisms

The Dropson water treatment system ensures the correct operation of the timed flow taps. Since limescale is not incrusted, the mechanisms do not block and maintain their original function as water and energy savers. Furthermore, the existing limescale in the installation dissolves progressively and exits through drains and faucets.

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9. Correct operation of bathroom fittings

The Dropson antiscaling systems guarantee the smooth operation of faucets and aerators, preventing limescale in the installation that lead to continuous malfunctions.

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 10. Energy consumption control and pollution

The heat exchange systems are affected negatively by water quality, and that also translates to an increase in the energy bills. The Dropson antiscaling systems avoid energy overconsumption and reduce CO2 or greenhouse gas emissions

For an efficient energy management and in order to achieve a considerable reduction in energy costs, Dropson advocates a personalized study of the installations. The objective is to integrate optimization technologies and hot sanitary water consumption, or to regulate low temperature boilers.

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