Dropson and Molditec join forces to make a face shield to protect against Covid-19

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has put us in situations we never imagined before. Dropson has been no stranger to the crisis and, like many other companies, it has been a huge challenge.

All of a sudden, some products have become essential to fight or reduce the impact of the virus and prevent its spread.

At Dropson we have a fantastic team that has adapted to the moment that was imposed to all of us and thanks to our alliance with the company Molditec from Ibi (Alicante), we have modified and improved an existing model of Molditec’s face protection visor, manufacturing and incorporating a new modular face protector into our catalogue.



In order to offer an efficient and quality product, both for personal and professional use, Dropson has created a modular face shield as a physical protection barrier against the transmission of splashes and other particles through the air.

This transparent shield allows its lower ends to bend slightly inwards, offering maximum coverage thanks to the sides that adapt to each person’s face and anatomy.


Ergonomically designed, ultra-light and adjustable, the Dropson protective visor provides 180° vision and protection, with the aim of providing a wide field of vision and front and side protection for more safety.


The anti-fogging screen prevents fogging and the soft rubber of the Dropson face shield makes it very comfortable to use after long periods of time. The back support is easily adapted to the person, and is suitable for children over 10 years.

Made with food-safe and certified materials suitable for human skin contact, we have selected high quality, durable materials. The screen, UltraClear replaceable, is made of material (PET-PP), very easy to clean and compatible with disinfection processes.

Really versatile, it is compatible with the use of glasses and other protective equipment. Suitable for medical use, it has been produced according to the highest European quality standards. It complies with the mechanical and functional requirements for face shields based on the UNE-EN 166:2002, UNE-EN 167:2002 and UNE-EN 168:2002 standards (According to the protocol of the Directorate General of Pharmacy and Health Products of the Valencian Community, dated 5th April 2020). This face shield has been manufactured entirely in Spain.

Presented in a packaging of 5 units, it is suitable for personal and professional use. A safety plus to protect yourself in working environments such as the hotel, education, catering, health or any other labour that requires personal attention to the public.



Dropson and Molditec wanted to do their bit in this new and different return to school, making a small donation of their facial visors to various schools in Santa Pola (Alicante).

More than 800 face shields have been destined to these schools to increase the safety of all the professionals in the education sector (management, teachers, assistants, caretakers, catering and transport staff) who are working with the children on a daily basis.



You can buy the 5-pack of our modular face shield through our online shop or at Amazon.

* Sale to the professional: For large scale orders please contact us.