Dropson filter can chooses Zenia Boulevard for its summer promotional campaign

On June 18th, the new street marketing action of the Dropson Filter Can began in the renowned Zenia Boulevard shopping centre in Orihuela Costa, Alicante. A unique and personalized space to promote and publicize the water filter among visitors, explain its benefits and environmental advantages.



Located in Zenia Orihuela Costa, just 10 minutes from Torrevieja, is the most visited shopping center of the entire area of affluence. Strategically located between the cities of Murcia, Cartagena, Elche or Alicante and with two important accesses such as the N-332 and the AP-7, Zenia Boulevard receives more than 1,300,000 visitors per month.

Unique and different from others, it´s the best place to carry out marketing campaigns and commercial actions due to it´s great affluence and for being the largest shopping centre in the province with 80,400m2. Looking like a city, with it´s streets, squares and fountains, the Zenia Boulevard has a large calendar of events, shows and activities every day that make it unique and unparalleled.

Surrounded by vegetation, rest areas, more than 150 shops and a wide range of restaurants, it´s aimed for adults and children.



Dropson, who was awarded with the AireLibre Sustainable Tourism Recognition at FITUR Madrid at the beginning of the year for its initiative and commitment to quality and responsible tourism, has decided that the best place to promote the Filter Can during the 2018 summer campaign is to be in the Zenia Boulevard.

82% of its visitors are foreigners, a number that increases with the growth of the floating population of the surrounding municipalities, which in holiday periods triple with the tourism.


A unique opportunity to get closer to the inhabitants of the area, the surroundings and the tourism that every day walks through the streets of the shopping centre and explain the functionality and advantages of using a water filter such as the Dropson Filter Can.

The stand is open from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

Come and meet us!


Zenia Boulevard Shopping Centre – Dropson Stand (opposite Amichi)
C/ Jade 2, 03189 Orihuela – Alicante