The filter can renews its image and is presented in an attractive packaging

nueva imagen lata filtrante


Dropson updates the corporate image of the filter can and presents it with a new and attractive packaging, reinforcing its branding strategy.

The first version of the Dropson water filter had the corporate colours of the brand, orange and grey, colours that the company decided to replace with blues, more in keeping and characteristic with the water treatment sector.

Dropson has evolved the image of the can into a new and more attractive and elegant visual identity, removing the orange that will only be maintained on the Dropson ‘N’ in the brand´s logo, replacing it with a range of blues, symbol of purity, harmony, tranquility, freshness and confidence. The white color, as in its first version, complements it, achieving a more delicate aesthetic.

This change responds to Dropson’s vocation to evolve and adapt to current times, keeping the characteristics that make it unique from the rest but now with a closer, more modern and communicative design.



Aesthetically, the filter can is perhaps one of the most original water filters on the market, apparently it may seem like a soda can, reason why Dropson has chosen to dress it with a simple, attractive and clear packaging that conveys the functionality and purpose of the product to perfection.

The choice of the image change together with the new packaging makes the filter can a more intuitive product about what it is and what it is for at first glance.

A practical and comfortable domestic water filter with a filtering capacity up to 300L that is equivalent to and replaces 200 bottles of water, reducing considerably the negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem.

Throughout the creative process of packaging, Dropson was very clear about the choice of the material, recycled kraft cardboard, a very easy material to recycle.



Recently, Dropson announced a partnership with MarSana, a project of the “Asociación Ambiente Europeo” that aims to reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem. Under the motto, “A hero of the sea is hidden in every can”, Dropson will be working with MarSana project from June 1st for every water filter sold.

lata filtrante 3D

The new design of the Dropson can will begin to be marketed in Spain and in the foreign markets in which it operates.