of good water instantly

Plug&Play Water Filter

Enjoy quality water, clean, fresh, excellent looking and pleasant flavor, optimal for your whole family, moisturize, cook. Rediscover the best version of your coffee every morning, with good water.

1,2,3 READY!

It has never been so comfy and cheap to have good water instantly.

Excellent filtration capacity by biomaterials

The Dropson filter can is equipped with an extremely efficient micrometric membrane. It is composed of biomaterials: origin vegetable microfibers, micronized activated carbon and natural bacteriostatic elements without chemicals.

Activated carbon prefiltration

It reduces the bad taste and odor, the sediments and the water coloring.


Protection against micrometric organic particles.


Against chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.

Bacteriostatic effect

Ensures perfect hygiene inside the system.

Filtration capacity

Estimated capacity of 300L, using drinking water according to the WHO criteria.



A sea hero hides in each can

With each can you collaborate with Ambiente Europeo and Mar Sana to reduce the negative impact of plastics on the environment and the marine ecosystem.

  • 98%


  • 99,9%

    LESS CO2

  • 99,98%




A sea hero hides

in each can

From 1 June 2018
Nuevo packaging, new collaboration, new challenges.

With every filter can you buy, Dropson collaborates with the MarSana European Environment project to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the marine ecosystem.